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Job Summary

Title: Senior Strategist
Security Clearance: Enhanced Reliability Status
Travel Required: No
Years Experience: 10
Start Date: immediate
Term of Contract: 6 Months
Language: English


Our federal government client at Public Works and Government Services Canada has a requirement for temporary help of a Senior Strategist.    Deadline for receipt of confirmation of availability and resumes: July 19, 2010.




  • Define the plan (scope / focus areas) for Software Contract Rationalization (SRC) in 2010/11
  • Produce  the SCR Mainframe Infrastructure
  • Determine infrastructure requirements
  • Assess current tool; determine if upgrade is required
  • Oversee allocation of a hosting server to the SCR tool
  • Oversee configuration / installation of the SCR tool in the Mainframe environment
  • Oversee database conversion (working closely with SM&D database resource)
  • Oversee set-up of SCR infrastructure support (e.g. backup / storage)
  • Coordinate procurement of expert resources for data validation services
  • Train SM&D FTE in SCR methodology, processes, tools, etc.
  • Expand scope to mid-range environment
  • Assess SCR tools for mid-range environment and recommend approach
  • Oversee acquisition of tool (if required)
  • Determine infrastructure requirements and oversee implementation (as required)
  • Analyze current software contracts (functionality, utilization, etc.) to determine potential rationalization opportunities
  • Validate opportunities to identify savings and other benefits
  • Prepare business cases (as required) to execute SCR opportunities as a project
  • Implement SCR Projects; this may involve:
  • Negotiating with vendors
  • Working with SM&D operational stakeholders to remove software products
  • Working with CMAS on changes to existing contracts
  • Report project progress and savings realization on monthly basis
  • Participate in SM&D IT Optimization meetings as required (reporting savings, progress, etc.)


  • Demonstrates five (5) years experience establishing and managing a Software Contract Rationalization Program
  • Demonstrates three (3) years experience providing advice and guidance to IT optimization initiatives
  • Demonstrates three (3) years experience with SCR tools
  • Demonstrates ten (10) years experience in a Mainframe environment
  • Demonstrates five (5) years experience in a Mid-range environment
  • Demonstrated five (5) years experience negotiating software vendors
  • Minimum of five (5) years providing strategic IT optimization advice and guidance to senior management

Tasks - Deliverables


  • The Senior Strategist is responsible for the completion and submission of the following project deliverables:
  • Creation of Project Plan for the completion of Software Contract Rationalization
  • Conduct Training sessions for SM&D FTE's on SCR Methodologies and Processes during the period of the contract
  • Analyze current software contracts to determine potential rationalization opportunities
  • Prepare monthly reports on project status and savings
  • Complete SCR Tool Analysis/Recommendations by the end of July, 2010-07-11
  • Complete SCR Tool Analysis/Recommendations by the end of December 2010-12-31

How to Apply


Kindly submit your resume to azurhr@azurhr.com

If you have any questions* in regards to this position please email us.
*To apply for this position please enter your email address and upload your resume above.

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