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Job Summary

Title: Staffing Consultant
Security Clearance: Reliability Status
Travel Required: No
Start Date: immediate
Employer Type: Public Sector
Language: Bilingual


Our government client is seeking an experienced Staffing consultant for a contract to be performed on or off site at the consultants preference.


Work with the Project Authority to review sector and regional organizational charts and update as necessary, Develop work descriptions, statements of Merit Criteria (SoMc), Public Service job opening notifications (i.e. posters),Review and screen resumes of applicants,  assist in forming a board of selection, develop a rating system to assist board members in their evaluation of candidates, select candidates for interviews, coordinate interview times/locations, develop questions for candidates participate in the conducting of candidate interviews, transcribing of board members notes and candidates responses to questions, Assist in developing the written evaluation of candidates, compile the results of the board members’ assessments, develop justification for staffing tools (e.g. non-advertised staffing process, language profile, etc.)


Ability to assess and propose organizational design in NCR and in Regions; Provide Classification assistance and advice to enable position creation; Develop work descriptions and statements of Merit Criteria (SoMc) for Executive Level (EX 1) position; Coordinating placement of ads and coordinate activities with ad agencies; Assisting in the administration of Priorities through the Public Service Commission; Performing and evaluating reference checks, obtaining further information or verifying information in resumes, identifying discrepancies in the information collected; Conducting interviews using behavioural and skill assessment techniques; Assisting in the enforcement of Human Resource policies; Taking part in integrating new employees; Assist in the development of a business case to support the Human Resource plan; Other tasks related to Human Resource staffing as directed by the Project Manager

How to Apply


Kindly submit your resume to azurhr@azurhr.com

If you have any questions* in regards to this position please email us.
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