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Job Summary

Title: Threat and Risk Assessment
Security Clearance: Reliability Status
Travel Required: No
Start Date: immediate
Employer Type: Public Sector
Language: Bilingual


Our government client needs the services of a threat and risk specialist.


Background The Fiduciary Risk and Practices Development Unit is in the process of rolling out a fiduciary risk evaluation tool (excel application, survey-based), available in three versions. The IMTB is building an Oracle-based database to support the information management and business requirements of users. This will be an interim application, as full integration with CIDA’s SAP-based project management system and the being planned.  Detailed business requirements are in the process of being documented and the database design is underway. Prior to operationalization (expected April 2011) the recommendations of a TRA are required to: ·         identify and categorize information and related assets according to their sensitivity (noting this information in a "Statement of Sensitivity"), ·         assess the threats and system vulnerabilities that could affect the delivery of a program or service, ·         determine the level of risk, based on current safeguards and system vulnerabilities, and ·         recommend safeguards that will mitigate risk to an acceptable level.



  • Experience in security risk management, and specifically in conducting Threat and Risk Assessments (TRA) for Canadian federal Government Departments (minimum of 3 years)
  • Detailed knowledge of Operational Security Standard: Management of Information Technology Security (MITS)
  • Experience in doing TRAs for smaller dedicated use data-base applications that are linked to larger corporate systems
  • Knowledge of document management systems, Excel, Oracle, SAP
  • Familiarity with federal government risk management approaches, policies and practices
  • Communications skills in English or French to support conduct of interviews, conduct a management debriefing and prepare a written report.

How to Apply


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