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As billingual HR experts in the "talent" industry, our business is not to manage your Human Resources but to support your HR and attract and refer the best candidate for the perfect match.
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AZUR is committed to providing the highest quality of resources in the industry. Being a successful recruitment firm, Azur has built a reputation for excellence among both our clients and our staff.

We also stand behind this reputation with our "AZUR Commitment to Quality Guarantee" which assures our clients that they will be satisfied with the service they receive. We also have a policy of full disclosure to our clients so they can appreciate the exact conditions under which our people are working.

All resources are carefully selected and evaluated during AZUR's recruiting phases. Candidates who pass the preliminary interviews are tested to determine their skill standards. The testing is followed by a detailed reference check prior to being registered with AZUR.

AZUR recognizes that resources must also be motivated and enthusiastic with their work. Many have been represented by AZUR for years, enjoying the variety of opportunities, full administration and complete flexibility of service. It is this confidence that assures our commitment to quality and devoted people.

Let AZUR assist you in maximizing the productivity of your own Human Resources. Access the additional manpower you need, only when you need it. Apply the expertise and skills of temporary workers to compliment your staffing requirements.
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