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As billingual HR experts in the "talent" industry, our business is not to manage your Human Resources but to support your HR and attract and refer the best candidate for the perfect match.
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Our Services
Our Services

AZUR's recruiting policy is stringently maintained and backed up by AZUR's guarantee of quality, flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

Client Requirements
Clients are visited on site to assure a quality assessment of current and future requirements. An individual company profile is created to aid us in identifying candidates that meet position requirements and appropriate behavioural patterns.

Candidate Selection
Our extensive human resource database contains the detailed information on a complete range of qualified candidates - from Clerks, Data-Entry operators, Receptionists, Administrative Assistants, Administrative professionals to IT and Engineering experts.

Candidate Assessment
Applicant credentials are systematically screened allowing us to address specifics relating to the vacancy within your organization. The candidate's employment experience, education, training, and language skills are reviewed and verified to provide you with additional insight as to how an individual will fit in or complement your existing work environment. We will provide you with details of the interviews along with our recommendations.

With the rapid advancement of computers into the workplace (PC-based word processing and spreadsheet software), today's office worker must have verifiable skills. AZUR uses Prove it Skills testing system, the leading technology-based assessment software to accurately identify candidate proficiency levels.

Reference Checks
Candidate references are contacted and their comments recorded using an approved format which facilitates proper analysis of skills. AZUR uses unique referencing tools to ensure that the information provided in an individuals résumé and interview, match those requirements needed by your company. Confidentiality is assured for you and your organization.

Personal Interviews and Evaluation
Candidates are personally interviewed so that character and knowledge (i.e. specific client needs, abilities, behaviour, work habits and personal suitability) can be confirmed.

Temporary & Permanent Staffing Services

Balancing staffing requirements with workload can be a full-time job in itself. AZUR Human Resources Ltd. is completely focused on balancing your required workforce to your existing workload.

Recruitment is our full-time commitment. AZUR can provide you with complete staffing services in such areas as Clerical, Secretarial, Administration, Medical, Legal, Data Processing, Managerial and Executives.

The Features and Benefits of using Temporary and/or Contract Placement Services include: Permanent Placement Referrals

Locating the ideal candidate for your existing position can cost you exorbitant dollars and take your focus away from profitability. AZUR's Permanent Placement service offers you cost effective solutions to guarantee the "Right-Hire".

Consideration must be given to all candidates that apply for an opening within your organization. In today's marketplace, employers are inundated with responses to advertisements and other recruitment practices, therefore increasing the time and cost to make an intelligent hiring decision.

AZUR's ability to screen and refer only those candidates who meet/exceed your hiring criteria allows you to carry on with your company's business.

AZUR's guarantee also provides you with a level of comfort to ensure that the person you hire is the right person. Depending on the option you select, guarantees are available for up to and including one year after the start date.
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